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5 Types of Texas Wildlife You Can See Near Bandera TX

June 18, 2024

One of the features that attracts visitors to Texas Hill Country each year is the natural beauty that the area offers. Among the top ways to take advantage of the natural setting of Texas Hill Country is to go out and see some of the types of Texas wildlife that call the area home. From incredible displays of bats, to unique fish that can’t be found anywhere else, and lots more, here are some of the main types of Texas wildlife that you can see near Bandera TX:

1. Brazilian Free-Tailed Bats

One type of Texas wildlife that you can see when you come to visit the area is the population of Brazilian Free-tailed bats that spend a significant portion of the year in Texas Hill Country. The Brazilian Free-tailed bats arrive sometime in the spring and usually stay until the middle of the summer, before returning to South America. There are several locations throughout Texas Hill Country that allow for opportunities to see enormous bat colonies, such as Old Tunnel State Park. Don’t miss out on this incredible sight when you come to visit Texas Hill Country!

2. White-Tailed Deer


Although white-tailed deer are relatively common throughout many areas of the United States, Texas Hill Country presents tons of great opportunities to see these animals in their natural habitat and amongst gorgeous sights. Keep in mind that during certain times of year, hunting for white-tailed deer is permitted in Texas Hill Country, so make sure to be mindful of safety regulations.

3. Guadalupe Bass

Among the most unique types of Texas wildlife you can see here in the area is the Guadalupe bass, the official state fish of Texas. This fish is special because it is not found anywhere outside of Texas! The Guadalupe bass is a greenish fish that tends to live in small streams.

4. Texas Map Turtle


Another unique type of Texas wildlife that you can see in Texas Hill Country near Bandera is the Texas map turtle. This type of turtle is named for the lines on its shell, which look similar to lines on a map. The Texas map turtle is not found anywhere outside of Texas Hill Country, making it one of the best types of wildlife to try to spot when you are visiting the area. You are most likely to spot this turtle near tributaries of the Colorado River, especially basking on logs!

5. Rio Grande Turkeys

Rio Grande turkeys are yet another of the types of Texas wildlife that you can see near Bandera TX. These turkeys are the only remaining wild turkeys in the state of Texas, which makes for a unique viewing opportunity for visitors.

These are just some of the types of Texas wildlife that you can see when you come to visit Texas Hill Country near Bandera TX. If you are ready to plan your vacation today, look no further than the amazing accommodations we offer here at Riverwalk RV Resort. We have everything you need to make the most of your next vacation to Texas, so go ahead and check out our accommodations in Texas Hill Country today and get ready for amazing adventures!

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